Property Launch®

Our clients sell for £7,300 more on average with Property Launch

Why use Property Launch over standard marketing?

When you’re selling your home, your top priorities are to achieve the best price and to complete the sale as quickly as possible. At Preston Baker, we have developed Property Launch to do just that.

What is property launch®?

Property Launch is a specialist Open House event that capitalises on the early interest that properties attract when they are new to the market. We use a proactive marketing strategy to maximise interest, culminating in a two-hour launch event at your home. This creates a real sense of urgency and competition around your property. The result is more offers, more quickly and at a higher level than would be achieved after individual, one-off viewings.

We have split tested this method against traditional marketing across 3,400 separate property sales. We know it works. We have proof it works. It can work for you. 


You get all your viewings over in a single day. Meaning you only have to tidy up once.


Sell your home up to 46 days quicker. The longer your house stays on the market, the more it drops in value.

Better price

Our results show that homes sold using Property Launch sell for an average of £7,300 more than those sold using standard marketing.

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