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Letting a property

If you’re interested in letting your property, Preston Baker offers a complete range of landlord services to simplify the process, maximise your returns and minimise costs.

Whether you’re an experienced landlord with a large portfolio of homes to let or a first-time landlord with a single property to rent out, our agents can manage everything from marketing and promoting your property to collecting the rent and managing the tenant relationship.

The level of service you choose is up to you – we’ll tailor our services according to your needs and the level of involvement you want in managing your rental property.

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Assess a property's suitability for a buy-to-let investment with our calculator and tailor it to account for your own circumstances.

Why let your property with us?

  • Work with experienced, award-winning letting agents that understand landlords' priorities.
  • Proactive marketing approach proven to maximise your revenue and minimise void periods.
  • Versatile letting and property management services tailored to your requirements.

Preston Baker are a member of Client Money Protect, which is a standalone Membership scheme designed to protect client monies held by its property agent Members.  The Scheme is licensed in England by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). To view a copy of our membership certificate click the logo below. 

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Our guides to letting your property

PB The cost of being a landlord

Letting a property: What are the fees?

Understand the costs associated with renting out your property.

PB Choosing the right area

Choosing the right area for a buy to let investment

Investing in a property as a buy to let is a big deal, so choosing the right property and area for your investment is important.

PB Landlords guide to letting a property

Landlords' guide to letting a property

Whether you are an experienced or a first-time landlord, we offer a service tailored to your needs. Find out more here.

PB How much can I rent my property

How much can I rent my property for?

Curious how much you could get if your rented out your property? Find out more here.

Thinking of letting a property?

Contact our property letting and management specialists to find out what you need to do – and how we can make letting your property a successful and profitable experience or find the ideal buy to let investment here.

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