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Where to buy a house in Doncaster

Posted 11/10/2016

 A historic market town with a diverse range of areas and properties, Doncaster is a growing spot that continues to attract more people. The growing population enjoys a vast array of things to do that includes the Wetlands Animal Park and Frenchgate Shopping Centre. So, where should you buy a house in Doncaster?

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For families 

Sprotbrough (featured image from afloat.org.uk) is the perfect place for families. The large village off the River Don has great transport links and popular schools. Not only that, but there are three decent sized parks and a Nature Reserve that is perfect for walking. There are also plenty of food and drink options, with five pubs in the area. 

A quiet spot with links to the M180 and into the town centre, Barnby Dun is another popular place to live. Picturesque countryside is a big draw and, coupled with nice, big family houses, it might be just the place for your family.

Centred around a duck pond, the beautiful village of Finningley is only 20 minutes from the centre and home to one of the best primary schools. There is a pub there and a gastro pub on the road out of town. Amenities come in the form of a post office but Bawtry and Harworth offer bigger stores.

Out of town 

Live further from the centre in the small market town of Bawtry. On the border of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, it was once called the “Gateway to the North”, has two lovely pubs, wine bars and an array of restaurants. Home to numerous businesses, there are number of modern developments and expensive houses.

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Between Bawtry and Doncaster, Tickhill has a number of different properties that range from tradition to huge modern homes. Famous for having a castle, there is also a long high street and two primary schools serving the town.

First-time buyers 

Bennetthorpe and Town Moor, near the racecourse, are both popular with first-time buyers. Thanks to a mix of housing and numerous developments, there are plenty of affordable properties here that make for great purchases. On top of this, there are a number of shopping areas, pubs and social clubs around.

Known around Doncaster for its great shopping area, Wheatley and Wheatley Hills are a couple of other good spots to look for a first home. Close to the M18, it has a Golf Club, Sports Club and the well-liked Sandall Park.


With a train station for easy transport links throughout the region, Bentley is the largest village in Doncaster and lies on the River Don. From hidden gems to large end terraces to flats, there are a number of different properties on offer and it is popular with tenants.

Also popular with first-time buyers, Balby is a suburb to the south-west that borders the new Woodfield Plantation development. Close to the Lakeside Village retail park, it has a mixture of housing that is both affordable and with positive yields.

Lakeside village balby

Doncaster is a large place and, as our branch manager Cathy Evans, says: “There are quite a few areas not mentioned in the list like Auckley, Edenthorpe, Hexthorpe and Cusworth – it is a huge place and there are good buying opportunities everywhere.”

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