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Where to begin when selling a house

Posted 08/09/2016

As we move into autumn, it can be a good time to sell your property. The summer holidays have ended and things are getting back to normal. However, whenever you choose to put your home on the property, there are certain things to bear in mind and we’ll take a look at some of them here.

Take a look at the market

Oftentimes, now is the best/only/necessary time for you to sell your home, but if you’re just considering then take the time to check what is happening in the market. Each month, our managing director Ian Preston gives you a property market update for Yorkshire that’s easy to digest.

Not only do you need to know if this is the right time to sell but the question of is now the right time to buy is just as important. Take a look at what’s on the market and, if you’re moving for space, consider whether an extension could be just as useful.

Should you look for houses before or after selling?

Only you will know what your situation is; some people can get stuck into understanding which home they want before an offer but others need to wait for those to come in. You can get some idea of what you want by checking the market in the area you’re moving and you can look round houses but remember that any offers will be subject to your chain.

One idea to consider is to focus on selling and set somewhere up to rent for 3-6 months to help your sale go through and then take the pressure off as you look into finding the perfect property for your needs.

How much is your house worth?

You can use our house valuation tool to get a quick estimate - and Zoopla’s equivalent for a second opinion. This will give you a rough guide to what you might expect your property to be worth. Of course, this value is based on factors in an algorithm but we offer free home valuations to give you a clearer idea.

Should you use an estate agent? Or can you sell my house on my own?

Usually, sellers will choose one agent and stick with them for the first two to three months on an exclusivity arrangement. The best way to pick is by looking at how many properties they have on the market, whether there is one with a monopoly in your specific area, if they value your home realistically and if they come recommended by anyone else.

You can go ahead and sell a home on your own but then you have to deal with the paperwork and legal procedures that come with this. There are a number of online agents now that offer a flat fee sale cost rather than a percentage, and while this can seem appealing you run the risk of selling without proper support.

Get your home ready

You can choose to show people round yourself or let the agent do it (or go half and half), but however you play it, ensure that the house is ready. This can be anything from tidying the mess and cleaning sideboards to fixing windows and replacing leaking taps. First impressions are key and it’s crucial that you take the time to make your home look as good as it can.

At Preston Baker, we’re proud to secure 71% of sales through a three step process:

  • Realistic pricing

  • Home presentation

  • Promotion

Take a look at our unique property launch selling technique to find out more.

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