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What is Preston Baker VIP?

Posted 28/01/2014

VIP is one of the most exciting initiatives that I’ve been involved in. It is a campaign that pulls together three key component parts

  1. A marketing campaign that clearly articulates that we offer a special service to every client and customer
  2. A new way of bringing property to market that harnesses the improving market and is proving to get clients a better price for their home
  3. A mechanism to work with other local businesses to improve the our local economy and offer discounts to our clients

The Marketing

Having recently won the Best Small Agency in the UK, and the fact that houses are selling in ever greater numbers we have decided to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy for the early part of 2014.

From digital banner adverts to a TV advert we have put together our biggest investment to improve the recognition of a brand that is only just over 2 years old.

The campaign is running over the months of February and March as clients are thinking about who they would market their homes with in the Spring period.

Launch Strategy

During the early part of 2014 Preston Baker have introduced a “Property Launch” strategy. Rightmove’s analysis of interest levels on a property tell us that twice as many people look at a property advertisement in weeks 1 and 2 compared to weeks 3 and 4. If you ask any estate agent the relationship between time on the market and percentage of asking price achieved they will tell you that as a rule, the longer a property is on the market the lower percentage a seller receives.

Getting the launch right and maximising the chance of success in the first 2 weeks is not only the key to a swift sale but because it produces a swift sale it gets a sale at the best possible price.

Looking at our data from 2013 on average Preston Baker achieves 96.6% of our asking prices. I hope most clients feel that is a good success rate and in the second half of 2013 we sold 94% of properties listed. Again this is a pretty strong result which is why we are ranked as one of the very best agencies in the UK.

However using our new launch strategy we have been able to sell 60% of the property entered into it during the first 2 weeks. This is three times higher than our ‘normal’ marketing strategy and because of this the average price achieved is 100.4% of the asking price, with no property taking less than their asking price.

Keeping it Local

Every buyer, seller, landlord and tenant is a VIP to Preston Baker. As such they can register on our microsite this gives them access to discounts from other local businesses. Every type of business from local restaurants to removal firms are logging their interest to offer a discount to Preston Baker VIP card holders.

This allowed us to ensure that we keep services being bought locally ensuring that our customers and clients forge relationships with other local people. Ensuring that Yorkshire firms prosper is in all of our interests and of course it offers great value to the whole Preston Baker client base.

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