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31.4% of Homes Don't Have a Back Garden

Posted 20/03/2017

There’s always been a feeling in the UK that buyers are swayed by gardens, and that they add significant value to homes. In a lot of ways, this is still the case but new research has shown that almost a third of properties currently on the market across the country don’t have access to a garden. 

The recent study* found that 31.4% of homes for sale are without a garden. You might think that this is skewed somewhat by the development of high-rise flats in the big cities but that’s not always the case - in Gateshead, for example, less than half of the properties have a back garden. Also at the bottom of the table were Salford, Bootle, Hastings and Liverpool where less than 60% boasted a green space.

At the other end of the table, both Crawley and Grimsby posted numbers above 90% for having gardens. Take a look at the table:

properties with gardens

With space at a premium in some areas and the need for new build properties continuously growing, this trend may continue across the country. However, in areas away from the major cities - or blessed with more space, like some of our regions - we may not see too much difference.

leeds back gardens

 Source of data: Housesimple

Posted 2 years ago

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