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My tour of... Headingley

Posted 17/06/2016

The lively Leeds suburb of Headlingley is just two miles from the city centre. It oozes culture: eateries, art, pretty green spaces (Beckett Park, we’re looking at you) and has a rich history to boot. 

We asked Headingley local Laura Demaude for the best walking route to experience the area. Give it a go yourself:

  1. Start at Headingley Stadium. There’s a lot of cricket and rugby played here (it’s home to three local teams) and the Carnegie Pavilion is a great bit of architecture.

headingley preston bakerImage source: Wikipedia

  2. Take a short walk down St Michael’s Road and head onto the high street (Otley Road), noticing the picturesque Headingley Parish Church en route. Whites Deli is one of your first stops. Cafe by day, bar by night: there’s a lovely array of food and drinks, a pub quiz every Wednesday and regular live music.

  3. Don’t miss the massive Oxfam next door - it’s extremely easy to spend hours browsing the impressive vinyl section and book shop here.

  4. A brief detour up Bennett Road will take you to the HEART cafe: part of the Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre, which is run by the community.

  5. Back onto the high street (not far from Oxfam), dive into Love Rouge Bakery: an independent boutique bakery stuffed with vintage charm and baked treats. Sink your teeth into a quirky bespoke cupcake: flavours include Battenberg, salted caramel and strawberry cheesecake. They also do amazing waffles.

love rouge bakeryImage source: Instagram/@loverougebakery

  6. If you’re more street than sweet, the cafe’s neighbour is The Cat’s Pyjamas: a very new Indian street food restaurant. The menu was created by Alfred Prasad, the youngest Indian chef to ever receive a Michelin star. There’s plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options too. It’s hugely popular, so make sure you book in advance.

  7. Pop into the nearby Sue Ryder charity shop - thrifters will love it. As well as the usual donated goods, the shop is filled with fabulous vintage clothing and bric-a-brac. You really never know what you’re going to find. 

  8. Continue straight up the High Street, popping into Bowery Visual Arts on the corner of Shaw Lane. The independent gallery host workshops in everything from life drawing to creative writing (and the cafe downstairs does a mean cappuccino).

  9. If you want to make a historic detour, head north up Otley Road (it’s about a 20 minute walk from the High Street) until you reach a roundabout, then take the second exit and head to 2 Darnley Road. J.R.R. Tolkien lived here throughout his education at Leeds University. A definite bragging point for residents - and a holy grail for bookworms.

jrrtolkein leedsImage source: Wikimedia

  10. A little more than ten minutes away is Beckett Park. From the Bowery, continue north-west towards St Anne’s Road and turn left onto St. Chad Drive. From Tolkien’s plaque, take the first exit back at the roundabout and head down Harrowby Road.

beckett park

Image source: Instagram/@joycinho

The park is home to the Leeds University Headingley Campus and includes a children’s park, skater park and tennis courts. It’s gorgeous in the summer and breathtaking in autumn. The massive, sprawling grounds are definitely worth the walk - and a great place to finish off the walk.

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