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My Community Cornerstone: Two Steps Fisheries

Posted 18/08/2016

Frying since Queen Victoria sat on the throne and with a queue outside every Friday night, Two Steps has long been a favourite in Sheffield, and the well-loved chippy got plenty of votes in our ‘Love where you live’ survey as the foodie favourite and community cornerstone.

In fact, our branch manager in the Steel City, Hugh Sneddon, swears by it when it comes to his fish and chips, saying “it is the best in the business. Good value and the walls are adorned with reviews from the likes of The Guardian and The Times." 

Taking up number 249 Sharrow Vale Road - just behind Ecclesall Road in the Hunters Bar area - the property was built by 1895 and opened in the same year under the occupation of ‘fried fish dealer’, James Bolton. After the turn of the 20th century, a Mr Ward took control of the chippy before the Coles sisters ran it through the First World War.


two steps sheffield

Image source: Two Steps, Sheffield

Since then, there have been a number of tenants, the most well-known being Graham and Nan who ran it for more than 30 years into the 1980s and are remembered by some customers even today.

‘Two Steps’ is believed to have got its name as a way of distinguishing between this fish and chip shop and the numerous others in the area, leading to the business to be registered with the name.

According the Federation of Fish Friers, “the longest running fish and chip shop still in operation is based in Yeadon near Leeds. Trading under the name 'The Oldest Fish & Chip Shop in the World', fish and chips are believed to have been served from the premises continually since 1865.”

So, it might not be the oldest in Yorkshire, but it is the oldest in Sheffield.

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*Lead image source: Martin Dawes

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