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Posted 28/05/2016

PhD researcher Sharon Jagger has lived in Acomb for about eight years and loves the area. She lives near the Green, which she describes as ‘the leafy centre of Acomb’.

“It’s looked after by an active group of residents and it’s home to a lovely Christmas tree - and in the summer, there are lots of children’s activities,” explains Sharon.

“Two pubs and a café overlook the Green, providing focal points for food and entertainment. The pubs are definitely friendly centres for the community social life.

“The Sun is my second home and I’ve met so many lovely people there. 

“Also close to the Green is The Indian Ocean restaurant, which does the best chicken darjeeling I’ve ever tasted.”

preston baker my acomb

The Sun Inn. Credit: Martin Norman (Geograph)

Sharon does venture beyond the Green area though, popping down to Acomb Front Street for shopping, including several independent food outlets.

When it comes to amenities, there’s a friendly surgery with a pharmacy, a bustling local library with a café, a sports centre with a gym and pool, as well as an array of churches and community buildings. And with Hob Moor just a stone’s throw away, it’s a great location for dog walkers.

Sharon finds the transport links good too:

“The buses are frequent and a five minute ride takes you right into the heart of York. There’s easy access to the ring road and the A64, so Acomb is ideal for commuting.”

Any plans to move? “No thanks!” laughs Sharon.

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