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How to Sell your Home for the Best Price?

Posted 28/01/2014

The economic news could not be more favourable at the moment, Rightmove tell us that confidence is high and all across Yorkshire we can see that houses are selling significantly more quickly than they have been.

Whenever there is a change in the market, we tend to see supply and demand getting out of kilter for a period of time. Now is one of those times, where buyer numbers are comfortably outstripping supply. I am certain that would-be sellers, who have either let their property during the recession or those who have delayed moving until better times, will now enter the market in increasing numbers.

At this moment in time there is an opportunity for those who are selling. I believe that our job has changed from simply getting you a buyer, to getting you the best buyer at the very best possible price.

Throughout 2014 Preston Baker want to do more for you to help you unlock the full value of your home and we are encouraging all would-be sellers to consider three key decisions when bringing your home to market.

  1. Is my asking price at the correct level to attract as much interest as possible?
  2. How is my home presented – can simple changes be made to get more for my property?
  3. How will the property be launched to the market to capture the early interest which will lead to the best price?

We will provide you with our VIP service to give you constructive feedback and a professionally produced guide which tells you what buyers are looking for in your property. This is free, so ask your branch for your complimentary copy.

The next phase is about how we capitalise on the first two weeks of marketing. 60% of property we brought to the market in January using our launch strategy for the asking price or more within the first two weeks.

Some customers tell me they don’t want to sell that quickly, but that is the period of time that you will get the best price for your home because you don’t have to reduce your price if you have only just brought the property to the market.

To put this in perspective, so far this year the average price achieved is 100.4% of asking price. This compares to a Preston Baker average of 96.6% - still not a bad result!

Clearly we need to be able to explain to you in detail how we can get you the best price for your home, call us for free, no obligation valuation to see how we can get you sold for more.

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