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Brits Submit A Property Offer Within Half An Hour

Posted 24/04/2017

Are we a country of impulsive home-buyers? The latest research suggests that Brits take less than half an hour to put in an offer for a property following a home viewing in person. 

It takes longer to watch one of your favourite series on Netflix and, in fact, 24% of people will make an offer to buy a home within just 10 minutes. 

Are there any reasons?

It’s a fact that buying a home is an emotive journey and once you look around a property there’s often a feeling of whether or not it is just right for you and your situation. On top of this, within a fast-moving market there’s not much time to waste with consideration.

One of the biggest reasons though must be the ability to do all of your research online before viewing properties. This immediately helps buyers to whittle down possibilities and, when you consider that UK home owners move just 25.83 miles on average, there is often the chance that people know where they want to go.

When looking at the average time spent researching online (chart below), we see that in each region of Britain spend more than 60 hours looking before buying. This can be looking at additional things like area guides and school catchment areas, which are readily available, meaning it’s usually just a case of picturing yourself in the home once you’ve narrowed the options.

How does Yorkshire and the Humber compare?

It seems that those in the East Midlands are most likely to act quickly, beating other regions on both counts, and here in our neighbourhoods we wait that little bit longer to buy the perfect home just right for us.

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*Source: Zoopla

Posted 2 years ago

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