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Britons Live An Average 100 Miles From Their Birthplace

Posted 10/04/2017

Around 25 years ago, people would live just five miles, on average, from where they were born. Now, according to new research by Ancestry, we live 100 miles from our birthplace.

A byproduct of the changing face of society - the increase of people going to university, for example - this internal migration survey showed that people were more likely to leave Scotland and Wales, with London being the most likely place to move to.

Brad Argent, of Ancestry, said:

Immigration is something that we hear a lot about, but lesser known is the fascinating trend of people moving around within their own country which has seen a huge increase in the UK over the past few decades.

The results found that as many as two-thirds live somewhere different to where they were born and wouldn't want to return, with many others staying to be close to family and feeling a connection to the area. 

Stats also showed that most moved for work (21%), 13% for better quality of life and 5% settled where they had studied at university. West Yorkshire came third in the staying because of a 'spiritual connection' category.

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Posted 3 years ago

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