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Yorkshire and the Humber prices up 4.4% since last May

Posted 19/07/2017

If there’s one thing that everyone is interested in, whether it’s us as estate agents or clients as home owners, it’s what property prices are doing. We’ve seen in recent months that rents have been down, first-time buyers are getting on the ladder quicker and Yorkshire is showing stronger foundations than London.

Of course, the period of uncertainty across the UK isn’t helping the economy but the confidence in the property market seems unwavering - especially in our region! The latest data from the government showed that properties in England have increased in price by 5% from May 2016 to May 2017.

This means an average property value of £237,662 across the country. The biggest increase was in the East of England with a rise of 7.5% with the lowest being the North East at an annual price growth of just 1.6%. Here is the full list:

price change by region

As we can see, Yorkshire and the Humber property prices grew 1.1% and the average price for the month was £155,268.  

Sales volumes fall across England but are up in Yorkshire

What was also found is that sales volumes across the UK have fallen, and in England there were 44.3% less sales in March 2017 compared to March 2016. Take a look at the stats:

sales volume england

HOWEVER, this just shows how much Yorkshire is bucking the trend at the minute. In Ian Preston’s latest property update, he spoke about how the North of England in general has seen a whopping 11% rise in property sales year-on-year. 

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Posted 2 years ago

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