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The Way People Buy and Sell Houses is Changing

Posted 03/02/2017


Ian Preston’s Property Market Update - February 2017

Welcome to my February market update. Here I’ll be talking about the changing ways people are buying and selling houses and how we are changing our business to make sure it is properly aligned with your needs.

We've have analysed every single enquiry that Preston Baker have received in 2016 and seen that the busiest hours of the day are between 8pm and 10pm. Whether that’s because you finally have the chance to sit on the sofa, you’ve put the kids to bed or have just finished tea, this is when the surfing for property begins.

The end of the traditional estate agency model? 

This has shown a massive change over the last 12 months, and in that time the number of email leads we are receiving has doubled. What this showed us is that the traditional 9-to-5 approach means your queries aren’t answered at a time convenient for you.

So, Preston Baker has changed. We’re now open seven days a week, until 10pm. At the busiest hours we’ll be available - through phone or text, depending on what our customers want.

Quicker enquiries and easier tracking - across more areas! 

By making it easier for people to contact us when it’s convenient for them, we’ll be able to respond to enquiries quicker and efficiently sort arrangements that work for all parties. Through this change in emphasis, we’ve also been able to expand into new marketplaces. If you live in Thirsk, Easingwold, Wetherby, Crossgates or some of the surrounding areas of Leeds, we’ll be moving into those over the next 12 months, using this model.

Not only are we available until 10pm but our unique client login system allows you to easily track your progress whether you are buying or selling a home. Together, these will make some really important changes to ensure our high quality of service we deliver will be consistent across a bigger area.

Property Launch earns sellers more than £5,000

We’ve done detailed research from January 2014 to January 2016 where we’ve documented 414 sales - half with our Property Launch service and the other half with standard marketing - and found some intriguing results.

On average, the Launch properties have sold 46 days quicker and for 2.6% more. This means that sellers using our Property Launch have walked away, on average, with £5,000 more than those using standard marketing methods.

2017 starting strong

Over the last three months, we have seen a record number of listings through Preston Baker. January, in particular, has been busy with a great deal of new properties coming onto the market. I think that’s been underpinned by the fact that we’ve recently seen real earnings growth in the economy coupled with lower unemployment.

All this is underpinning a strong economy and thriving housing market. The fears around Brexit seem to have been washed away and while there’ll be uncertainty about the future, I don’t think the housing market has got anything to be worried about moving forwards.

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