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Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Update - September 2017

Posted 07/09/2017


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Today, I’m going to do something I don’t normally do and use the ‘C’ word - and that’s Christmas.

It’s only September, however, you only have four to six weeks to agree a sale to have a reasonable chance of being moved in 2017. So a really short space of time and quicker than most are selling in the current market.

Three tips for selling your home quickly 

What I’m going to do is go through three simple tips for people who are looking at selling and want to do it within a decent timescale: price, presentation and promotion.

  • Price - Two house price surveys have recently shown that house price inflation is slowing at between 2.1% and 2.9%. The good news is that prices are still nudging on but you need to be really mindful of what other properties have sold for in the areas around you. Now is not the time for speculative pricing or pushing the ceiling price it’s about making sure it’s in line with similar properties.
  • Presentation - We’ve got an excellent 10 point guide on how you can actually get more money and achieve a better sale online or we can email that out in PDF format.
  • Promotion - There was a really interesting Watchdog promotion in August that was about one of the online agents, and the key takeaway was the variety of options when it comes to selling property. Last month, I talked about Property Launch, which is our trademarked method of selling homes, and how customers who sold with Property Launch achieved a sale 47 days quicker. That’s really relevant at this time of year because it means that you’ve got a great chance of agreeing a sale and getting moved in before Christmas. What’s more is that because the homes went quickly they also sold for more money - on average £6,000 more.

If you are thinking about moving before Christmas, whether you’re currently on the market unsold or looking to move, get in touch with your local Preston Baker office and let us come and talk to you.

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