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Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Update - November 2017

Posted 27/11/2017

Today I’m going to be talking about the recent interest rate rise and what that means for those of you who are borrowing and what that means who are looking to invest.

In terms of the interest rate rise, which was at a historically low levels, we’ve gone for 0.25% to 0.50% and projections show it might rise to 1% by 2020.

So, mortgages are still incredibly cheap. For a two year fixed, if you got 25% to put down, you can get that at 1.29% from TSB. Money’s cheap and it looks like it won’t have any impact at all on demand for property at the moment.

Let's talk about savers

Over the last 10 years, savers have had a rough ride of things and we’ve got some really interesting opportunities. If half a percent is not enough for you to invest your money, we can help you invest that slightly differently.

If you want to invest in property, we’ve currently got a lot of properties which we think offer incredible opportunities for investing in property. Here is one in Doncaster:

Screen Shot 2017 11 27 at 19.35.38

Screen Shot 2017 11 27 at 19.35.51 

Take a look at this property here.

As you can see, these both offer incredible yields that are much higher than you would get from the bank. If neither property is right for you, take a look at our landlord buy-to-let page where we have an in-built calculator so it is easy to see potential returns on investment in property in Yorkshire.

Posted 21 months ago

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