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Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market update for July 2017

Posted 05/07/2017

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Welcome to the July market update. 

Today I’ll be talking about two really simple things: what house prices are doing in Yorkshire and my top three tips for helping you find a property to buy this summer.

House prices went up 1.7% in Yorkshire last month, this means they are up 3% annually. This is really different to a lot of the newspaper headlines you might have read where they’re talking about a cooling housing market, a slowing housing market.

That is obviously true of London - where prices have fallen 1.7% over the last year - but it’s not true for Yorkshire. In fact, sales are up 11% year-on-year in the north of England.

What are the consequences of this?

Lots of potential sellers that we are going to see at the moment are saying they’d love to sell a property, however, we need to find another property first. Here are three tips to help sellers in their search:

Step One

Be specific - The more specific you are about what you want, the more we can help you. What streets do you want to live on? Is there a particular catchment area you want to be in? How many bedrooms do you need? How big does the house need to be? 

Step Two

From there, we can go to our 100,000 strong database and our guys will get on the phone to potential sellers to see if they are thinking about selling - you’ll be amazed how much success we get from this method. 

Step Three

If that’s not successful then we will head out and drop leaflets on your chosen streets with a view to those thinking of selling contacting us and we can then put you in touch.

If you are looking at moving this summer, we work from 9am until 10pm so get in touch and let’s work together to make things happen.

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