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Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Update - February 2018

Posted 12/02/2018

£600 a week - That's how much your property can potentially decrease in value by for every week it remains on the market but doesn't sell.

Along with that, there's 3 Things to think about before you put your Property on the Market - and these are just two of the things discussed in Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Update for February 2018!

If you want to know why this can happen and how to avoid it when selling your property, you can view the video for the first Yorkshire Property Market Update of 2018 above.

You can learn all of that in less than 2 and a half minutes - which will probably be the best thing you'll do in the next half hour.


What is Property Launch?

Property Launch is our trademarked method of bringing properties to market and we’ve analysed 2,000 sales - half with, half without - and found that those using Property Launch sold for 3.5% more and 47 days quicker. 

So that would be a fabulous Christmas present or a great way to repay the credit card after Christmas - more than £6,500 more if you sell with Property Launch!

We’ve actually decided that this is the only way we’re going to bring properties to the market in the New Year and throughout 2018. We’re not going to offer traditional marketing because, frankly, given the knowledge we have we think it would be unethical to continue to bring properties to the market with a method we know is inferior and doesn’t work.

Get moving in 2018 with a little help from Preston Baker 

This is a unique method by Preston Baker and we’d love to help you with it in 2018. So if you are thinking about moving, get in touch with your local office and have a free discussion to talk about how to get your Yorkshire property sold quicker and for more money.

Posted 21 months ago

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