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Ian Preston's Property Market update for June 2017

Posted 09/06/2017

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Welcome to our latest market update, we’re doing something a bit different and come straight from York city walls. I’ve got three tips for anyone thinking of moving this summer that hopefully will help in making your decision. 

Ignore the pundits

There are only two things that sell newspapers in this country - certainly the Daily Express! - and that’s house prices are soaring or house prices are crashing. What you need to be really clear on is that probably neither of those two stories are true.

So, 46%of the houses which are currently available on Rightmove, across the whole Yorkshire area, are sold subject to contract. This means that you’ve got a great chance to sell and, in fact, the market is no weaker than it was before. 

Get your ducks in a row

When you put your house on the market, there are a few things you can do to take the stress out of moving. You can sort out your conveyancing and mortgage really early - at Preston Baker we have a package that will do that for you so you can get those things done and when you agree a sale on your property, the only thing you need to worry about is finding your next home. 

Save yourself as much hassle as possible 

The way we do this is by using Property Launch when marketing a home. This system has been proven to sell houses on average 46 days quicker and £5,000 more than our standard methods of marketing, it’s hugely effective.

I used to think that us getting the best price was the most important thing for people. However, the more we speak to clients just like you, the thing they tell us is that they love the most is they only have to tidy up once!

We had a property in Moortown, which was sold last week, that had 46 people attend the launch event. Can you imagine tidying up for 46 different appointments? It’d be crazy. And, it also meant that we created that sense of urgency and competition that drove a really incredible price for the seller.

Those are my top three tips for the summer. Don’t be put off by the election or anything else, there’s a really great market out there.

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