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Ian Preston's Property Market Update for April 2017

Posted 07/04/2017

Ian discusses two things in this April update: firstly, house prices and what they’re doing, and how we can give you a helping hand with your next buy to let purchase to make property investment easier.

So, first of all, house prices. We’ve seen that house price inflation has slowed with the Nationwide and Halifax now agreeing that the annual rate of growth is around 5 percent.

That is not necessarily a bad thing because what it does mean is that we should expect a higher volume of house sales as the year goes on as houses become a little bit more affordable relative to the amount that people earn. We’re expecting a busy spring.

At Preston Baker, we've also had our best year so far in terms of new houses coming on to the market, so there is plenty of choice for buyers as well - definitely a great time to be looking.

How do you calculate return on investment for a rental property?

In terms of property investment, Preston Baker has launched a revolutionary new section to the website that is dedicated to helping you choose your next buy-to-let purchase.

Find your next buy-to-let purchase

If you have ever thought about investing in property but weren't sure where to start, this could be exactly the right place for you. Follow the link above to the buy-to-let section and it will show you the properties that will give you the very best rental yield. 

What will the tool tell you?

The tool will go on to display a full return on investment calculation for that property, so its a really good starting place to not only work out the rental income you might generate from the property, but also all the other costs which are involved both with buying the property and managing that rental on an ongoing basis.

Very quickly you will be able to work out if you were to put £25,000 into buying a property, what could you do with it, what are the best properties and if you have more questions you can talk with one of our experts. We think the buy-to-let calculator is going easy to use, but we would love to have your feedback on how it could be improved.

Email us at community@prestonbaker.co.uk

We have buy-to-let specialists in every office who are either mortgage brokers, estate or letting agents and are trained to give you the very best buy to let advice to help you with that next purchase. So do reach out if you would like to talk to our team

Posted 2 years ago

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