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Doncaster House Prices Continue to Rise

Posted 09/03/2017

At the turn of the year, our managing director Ian Preston predicted a rise in property prices of anywhere from 3% to 6% in his Yorkshire market predictions for 2017.

With a current average value in Doncaster of £153,633, that could see more than £7,500 of equity added to the worth of your home. It’s an increase that’s not to be sniffed at, especially with many analysts predicting a tricky time in the property market thanks to inflation and bond yields.

Couple this with the fact that two-year fixed rate mortgages can be picked up on a deal for as little as 1.5% interest, it might just be the time to invest (more) into your property to reap the rewards.

With this in mind, what does the market currently look like in Doncaster? Rightmove currently has 2,192 listed for the town – and surrounding area – online, while Zoopla’s figures show 489 sales in the last three months with an average price paid of £146,864.

This compares favourably to similar sized Yorkshire towns with Rotherham and Wakefield only chalking up 275 and 244 sales respectively. This is evidence that the market in our area is ticking along nicely. So how has it progressed over recent years?

 doncaster property price increase

Prices have gone up healthily since 2007 and while the price paid is a little dipped in the last six months, the current average value of properties according to the Zoopla Zed-Index is a pleasing £153,633 – an increase of almost £3,000 in the last 12 months.

These are all positive movements in our property market and it might be that now is the perfect time to take advantage both buying – with inflation low – and selling – ahead of more formal Brexit talks. Find out what Ian thinks in his latest market update and get in touch with our Doncaster office for a chat about your options.  

Posted 2 years ago

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