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2015: Great year for three-bed semi-detached sales in Leeds

Posted 25/01/2016

For Headingley in 2015, the property market was exceptionally strong, especially for three-bed semi-detached homes. The average price on exchange was £190,000, which is about £10,000 above the national average. We sold and listed more of these houses than any other, with Meanwood seeing a particularly strong growth in demand.

Towards the end of the year, the top end of the market slowly began to dry up and we had several sales that fell through because the vendors couldn’t find an onward move. The main worry among many vendors in the £250,000+ bracket was that they wouldn’t be able to find a house to buy, so they were holding back or even re-mortgaging to improve their current home.

Listings were in short supply throughout the year and this caused fierce competition among agents. Many of the homes in the most popular brackets were selling in days, often with multiple offers.

Posted 4 years ago

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