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Ian PrestonsProperty Market Update 1

Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Update - February 2018

£600 a week - That's how much your property can potentially decrease in value by for every week it remains on the market but doesn't sell.


Ian Preston's Yorkshire Christmas Market Update 2017

2017 has been a fantastic year for Preston Baker! We’re taking what we’ve learnt to only sell our properties through our trademarked Property Launch approach - which sells properties for more than £6,500 more on average. 


Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Update - November 2017

Ian Preston looks at the recent interest rate and what that means to both savers and investors. Mortgages are still incredibly cheap, is it time to invest while this is still the case?

yorkshire terraces

Yorkshire property prices continue to grow

The latest property figures are in, and it continues to look positive for the Yorkshire and Humber region, with all our branch areas posting positive changes.

October update1

Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Update - October 2017

Ian has an issue with fake news in this month's market update. London-centric journalism about the fall in house prices and sales doesn't truly reflect the real story in the north, and particularly Yorkshire. 


Yorkshire and the Humber affordability up 13.7% in the last decade

More than half of all the local authorities across Britain are more affordable now than they were in 2007, according to research from Yorkshire Building Society.

london centric

London-centric journalism not telling the whole property story

According to a recent report, the UK housing market slump is continuing thanks to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the increases in stamp duty.


Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Update - September 2017

It might only be September but Ian's talking about Christmas in his market update. If you want to move before the festive period, you have just four to six weeks to agree a sale.

york minster

York leading the way for property price increases

According to the latest UK House Price Index, all five of our main offices are seeing significant increases as we head towards the autumn.

leeds 2

Leeds named one of the most affordable cities for first-time buyers

Leeds house prices £350,000 cheaper than the capital, as city is named in the top 10 most affordable UK city for first-time buyers.

preston baker milestone

Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Update for August 2017

Passing a milestone! This month Ian discusses selling our 1000th Property Launch home and the effects of duration on market and price.

yorkshire property prices

Yorkshire prices down but still 4.1% higher than last year

Yorkshire and the Humber property prices fell by 1% in July but are still 4.1% up on this time last year.

back garden preston baker

Yorkshire and the Humber prices up 4.4% since last May

The latest data from the government showed that properties in England have increased in price by 5% from May 2016 to May 2017.

july market update

Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market update for July 2017

Ian talks about what house prices are doing in Yorkshire and his top three tips for helping you find a property this summer.

london property

Housing market twice as strong (and stable) in Yorkshire as London?

Elections and periods of uncertainty like Brexit often breed a lack of confidence in things like property but our branches aren’t seeing any negative effect from either.

IP June york walls

Ian Preston's Property Market update for June 2017

Ian Preston gives some great advice for home movers thinking of getting the process started over the summer.

downing street

Will the general election affect the property market? Interview with Ian Preston

Ian Preston shares his thoughts with Ben from Minster FM on Yorkshire's economy.

37926877 m edit2

Ian Preston's Property Market update for May 2017

This month Ian discusses the latest market trends and walks through how to use our new buy to let calculator - ideal for property investors to understand their yield longterm on a property.

conservatory home improvement

Home Improvements for Added Value

With summer coming up, it is also a grow time to add a home improvement to either generate more space or increase the price of your property.

yorkshire property blooming

Yorkshire House Prices Continue To Rise

Our region is showing signs of having a good 2017 with positive property price rises across all of our areas in the first quarter of this year.

student housing sheffield

More than 65,000 students: Is Sheffield the place to buy?

We’ve seen a great deal of inner-city property development in Sheffield that caters for the exponentially growing market of students.

doncaster donaldjudge3

Where to look for a buy-to-let investment in Doncaster

Being the second largest economy in the Sheffield City Region, Doncaster is a key part of growing a resilient and balanced local and regional economy.

leeds city centre development

Growing Working Age Population Makes Leeds Ideal For Investors

The third largest city in the UK and growing exponentially, Leeds is home to a working age population that is increasing quicker than European cities like Berlin, Madrid and Milan. 

35425325 ml

Ian Preston's Property Market Update for April 2017

This month Ian discusses the slow down of house price inflation and introduces our new buy to let calculator ideal for property investors.

Generation Trapped

York’s ‘Generation Trapped’ and the £9.88bn legacy

Recently, the English Housing Survey stated 49% of these properties owned by the Generation Trapped, as I have dubbed them, are ‘under-occupied’

generation rent forever

‘Generation Rent (Forever)’

1,107 Selby Tenants have no intention of ever buying a property to call home.

property cash2

Ian discusses buy-to-let with Minster FM

Ian Preston gives advice on getting in to the buy to let market and how to assess the suitability of a property with the Preston Baker website.

tulips preston baker york

York First Time Buyers borrow £189.1m in the last 12 months

Over the last 12 months, 3,934 properties have sold (and completed) in York, worth £1.010bn. Interestingly the number of properties changing hands in York has also dropped when compared to a decade ago.

sproutbrough house prices

Doncaster House Prices Continue to Rise

With a current average value in Doncaster of £153,633, there could be more than £7,500 of equity added to the worth of your home in 2017.

march header

Ian Preston's Market Update: Why NOW is the best time to sell your home

Spring is just around the corner and in this month's update Ian Preston discusses the effects of inflation on interest rates and why now is an ideal time to sell your home.

selby buy to let

Should You Be Investing in Selby Buy to Let?

There are 2,882 people in private rented properties in Selby - should you be investing?


York Unemployment Drops to 3.5% and its effect on the York Property Market

In late May 2016, George Osborne, published an official HM Treasury analysis stating UK house prices would be lower by at least 10% (and up to 18%) by the middle...

sheffield buy to let

Where to look for a buy-to-let investment in Sheffield

Over the past two decades, Sheffield has been transformed and the economic benefits of this have been seen with improved employment, increased Gross Value Added and raised house prices.

stock exchange 911605 1280

Ian Preston explains to Minster FM why independent mortgage advice is best

Despite Article 50 looming and uncertainty in the market, there are still some great mortgage interest rates about.

night day 1

The Way People Buy and Sell Houses is Changing

This month Ian talks about the changing ways people are buying and selling houses and how at Preston Baker we are changing our business to make sure it is properly aligned with your needs.

leeds living

Leeds House Price Growth Well Above National Average

There is a lot of talk at the minute about how a number of recent factors are having an effect on the Yorkshire property market.

row of terraces

£1.12bn – The total value of all Selby Property Market

In the last 14 years, since the autumn of 2002, the total value of Selby property has increased by 65% or £441.9 million to a total of £1.12 billion.

semi detached house preston baker

York Semi Detached House Prices rise by 327% in 20 years

The semi-detached house with its bay windows and net curtains has long been ridiculed as an emblem of safe, lacklustre and desperately uncool suburban life; the homes of the likes...

circle 688917 1280

Ian Preston talks to Minster FM In Focus Jan 2017

People's habits of browsing properties to buy has changed we all use more and more devices meaning we're 'always on'.

yorkshire mills new year2

Ian Preston's Yorkshire Property Market Predictions for 2017

Ian Preston looks ahead at 2017 and makes his predictions for the residential sales market in Yorkshire. 

yorkshire terraces

Our Rental Market Predictions for 2017

Ian Preston reflects on 2016 market and looks ahead to 2017 from the point of view of landlords and property investors


Ian Preston's Property Market Update for December 2016

Ian Preston reflects on the Autumn Statement as well as latest figures from our Property Index for Yorkshire. He also comments Preston Baker winning 3 gold awards at the Estate Agency of the Year awards. 


Ian Preston discusses the Autumn Statement on Minster FM

With the launch of the Chancellor's Autumn Statement this week, there have been some very interesting discussions being had around his announcement of the ban on Lettings agent fees for...


Confidence in Yorkshire housing market is RISING post-Brexit

Christmas is just around the corner - in Ian Preston's November update he discusses the positive signals he's seen of improvement in the housing market post-Brexit.

yorkshire property market index cropped

Introducing Yorkshire's property market index for sales and buy-to-let investors

This month we are proud to introduce you to the Preston Baker Property Market Index for Yorkshire. 

york eu property prices

Post Brexit - York Property Prices set to drop £23,500 in the next 12 months?

Even the sanest person in Britain has to admit the Brexit vote will, in one shape or another, affect the UK Property market. Excluding central London which is another world, most commentators are saying prices will be affected by around 10%.

selby single households coffee

24.6% Of Selby Homes Are One Person Households

In the Selby District Council area, the average number of occupants per household is 2.4 people.

brexit vote selby

90.8% of Selby Homeowners are over 35 - The affect of their Brexit vote on the Selby Property Market

Well it’s been 7 weeks since the Referendum vote on June 23rd and we have had a chance to reflect on the momentous decision that the British public took.

activities 165065 1280

Ian Preston's Property Market Update for August

Ian discusses the negative impact of the media on some sellers and gives some of his top tips for anyone struggling to sell at the moment.

bootham terrace york

The York Love Affair with its 19,400 Terraced Houses

Call me old fashioned, but I do like the terraced house. In fact, I have done some research that I hope you will find of interest if you're part of the York property market.

yorkshire houses

Impact of the Brexit Vote on House Buyers & Sellers in Yorkshire

Our MD and property expert Ian Preston reflects on developments post EU referendum and the Brexit vote 2 weeks on.

PB Explore2

Will Brexit affect house prices in Yorkshire?

Our MD and property expert Ian Preston reflects on the BREXIT vote and what this means for house prices and interest rates in Yorkshire.

brexit and couriers12

59.2% of Selby Voters voted to leave the EU - what now for the 5,757 Selby Landlords and Homeowners?

What next for the 4,541 Selby homeowners especially the 2,474 of those Selby homeowners with a mortgage?


EU Referendum Special - Ian Preston's Market Update for June

So we have got to two big topics to talk about today. The first one is the EU referendum and any early indications about how that may be affecting the...

PB How to buy your dream house

Home-buying delays to be cut

The Treasury estimates that failed house purchases amount to £270 million (almost 18% or 200,000 transactions) each year and have announced they are planning a inquiry into the selling process...

Sheffield skyline 2

Sheffield market springs into action

My last market update for Sheffield discussed how restricted supply was affecting prices in the city.

leeds 1200v2

Leeds market warming up but sellers slow to bring property to the market

Our branch managers in Leeds provide some insight into local conditions affecting the property market in March and looking forward into April.

selby square and abbey flickr irenicrhonda v1

Vendors prioritise finding their next home before selling

Changes in the local property market for York & Selby has presented some interesting trends. Read more from our local branch managers below.

George Osborne budget 2016

Budget 2016 - a blow to large-scale landlords

In his first Budget for 2016, the Chancellor has dealt a blow to buy-to-let landlords who own fifteen or more properties as they are now liable to pay the 3...

doncaster donaldjudge3

Rental investors and first-time buyers boost Doncaster property market

In Doncaster last year, the market was stronger than in 2014, but remains behind the national statistics as described by the media, which are largely propped up by growth in...

turbulent market

2016 predictions: turbulent times ahead for property market

I see a slightly more cautious market going forward, as buyers and vendors expect a rise in interest rates this year.

leeds living2

2015: Great year for three-bed semi-detached sales in Leeds

For Headingley in 2015, the property market was exceptionally strong, especially for three-bed semi-detached homes. The average price on exchange was £190,000, which is about £10,000 above the national average.

house prices rising

House prices likely to rise in popular areas in North Leeds

Already in 2016 we are seeing an exacerbation in the shortage of houses available compared to the number of buyers looking to move.

steel city sheffield

Sellers’ market as Sheffield property prices stay high

A lack of supply throughout the last quarter of 2015 has resulted in prices remaining strong in Sheffield and the local climate feeling very much like a “sellers’ market”.

buoyent market

Property demand pushes up prices across Selby

Selby enjoyed an extremely buoyant property market in 2015. Our new Property Launch method of sale helped many of our customers to sell their homes within ten days of coming...

york housing market3

Stark imbalance of properties in York during 2015

Wow, what a year 2015 was for property prices, largely due to the stark imbalance in demand and supply.


Property demand continues to outstrip supply in LS17

The area had a fantastic 2015, with the majority of houses selling via Property Launch and achieving higher prices than expected due to an imbalance between the number of buyers...

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