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What is your child's no.1 dream home feature?

Posted 04/07/2016

logoWe are pleased to announce the winner of our #RoundhayFunRun draw to win a family ticket to Alton Towers. There were some fantastic entries in the answer to the question, "What is your child's no.1 dream home feature?"

Thank you to everyone who entered the competition. 

Our winner of this competition is Lisa Pannell and her children! Congratulations! 

See all competition entries below:

  1. A guinea pig cage…or a big table/work surface to arrange my daughter's playmobil out on!
  2. My daughter's would have a teleportation device in her dream home
  3. My son's dream feature is to have a secret passage to Legoland in his home
  4. My Lego loving kids' dream feature would be a Lego sorting machine that picks up all the bricks and sorts them into different colours and shapes!!
  5. A grand piano; as she loves playing the keyboard but can't afford a piano and no space either
  6. My eldest would like a slide from his bunk bed to the breakfast table (& a yoghurt dispenser!)
  7. They would love an indoor ballpool
  8. Alvie loves our house as it is but would love to add a 400 m running track in the back garden to get some practice in for the fun run!
  9. My 3 girls would choose a swimming pool with lots of slides as their dream feature in our home!
  10. Trial bike course
  11. Indoor pool that leads outdoors to an ice-cream room
  12. Our son would like a fireman's pole from his bedroom straight to his box of Lego downstairs !
  13. Dream feature? A trampoline as big as the house!
  14. A new house! My kids want as they feel ours is too small !
  15. My 1 year old would love to have this!!
  16. To have a indoor swimming pool
  17. My child's dream feature is an escalator that goes up into space.
  18. My child's no.1 dream feature to have in our home would be a bouncy castle bed
  19. My child would love an indoor swimming pool
  20. My daughter's no.1 dream feature to have in our home would be a Chocolate Fountain with different shaped marshmallows and an ice cream parlour.
  21. Esther's dream house feature would be a 'fairy house' in the garden for Theo and her to play in.

  22. My son's dream feature would be a water play area.
  23. My 6 brother would love to have his own Star Wars bedroom
  24. "My ideal feature in a home would be a smoothie machine with unlimited marshmallows, ice cream and M&M’s for the topping.
  25. My dream feature for a house would be a water slide from the top floor to a heated indoor pool in the basement.
  26. A trampoline as big as the house!

The featured image is from a book called 'A Fairy Friend' written by Sue Fliess and illustrated by Claire Keane.

Posted 3 years ago

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