Roundhay Run for Fun Training Advice

Training Plans

Our MD, Ian Preston has teamed up with Andy Berry and Lauren Gill from Generation Fit Leeds, to bring you three different plans and some general advice on how to prepare for the fun run. 

You might not know this, but Ian was trained by Andy Berry to represent Great Britain in the ITU World Triathlon Championships last year, so between them they know a thing or two about getting fit and keeping fit.

The videos are broken down into:

  1. General Advice - Useful information if you've not run for a while
  2. Beginners Training Plan - If you know you can run a 5k in over 32 minutes, or if you've not run before (or for a long time) start here.
  3. Novice Training Plan - If you can run a 5k between 28 and 32 minutes, this will help you get primed. 
  4. Regular Training Plan - if you can run a 5k in under 28 minutes, this will help you shave some time off.

General Advice


Beginners Training Plan


Novice Training Plan


Regular Training Plan


Remember this is the Run for Fun. It isn’t a race. You do not need to go for a fast time, and no one is going to be crowned first. Completing the course is its own reward, which is how we feel about exercise in general.

Remember, your heart is the most important organ in your body for keeping you alive. Having regular exercise will help maintain a healthy heart, increase your energy levels, and help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

With all exercise programs, particularly if you are starting out, we’d recommend seeking the advice of a doctor to assess the program and your ability to begin running.  If at any time you feel physical pain, dizziness, or shortness of breath (where you feel you can’t get enough oxygen) please stop. However, remember you are training and pushing yourself so it isn’t going to be completely comfortable. You might be out of breath, and that’s fine. You might be really hot and sweaty and unable to carry on a conversation, and that’s fine. If every run you do allows you to have full conversations, then you’re not making changes in your body to help you progress. 

Apart from the act of training itself. The Four major ways to help yourself prepare for this will be:-

1. Rest – make sure you are getting enough sleep to help your body recover. Rest IS part of your training.

2. Diet – try and cut down on unhealthy foods and increase the number of fruits, vegetable and proteins like white fish and chicken into your diet. These low fat, low sugar foods, will help your body recover quicker, and as they are lower in calories they may also help you to lose some weight. The lighter you are, the easier it is to run. On fun run day we'd recommend a carbohydrate rich meal around 2-3 hours before you race. 

3. Breathing – A lot of people don’t know how to breathe properly, so practice. When you run it’s helpful to breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Really focus on drawing air right into the bottom of your lungs. We tend to only breathe with the tops of our lungs. But your lungs are your fuel tank, and the bigger your breath the more energy you will have. When you aren’t running, you can practice this any time. Sit and focus on breathing in for the count of five, holding for 3 seconds and breathing out for 7. This breathing pattern will help you increase your lung capacity, it will clear out “dead air” from the base of your lungs, and get the muscles between your ribs used to stretching further. It also helps the body release stress, making you calmer and more clear headed. When you run, just focus on taking in as much air as is comfortable through your nose, and out through your mouth (without holding it) the rhythm in and out will be equally split.

4. Clothing – Make sure you wear the same trainers or clothing to train, that you do on the day of the run. Don’t go out and by new trainers for the run as you will end up with blisters. Don’t wear new exercise clothes if you’ve not worn them before as they may chafe, or be too warm. You want your race day clothes to be loose so they don’t restrict your movement or your body’s ability to cool down.

We'd like to wish everyone the best of luck at the event. Remember to take it steady, and focus on getting round the course safely. 

If you're looking to get fit outside of this Run for Fun, and you want a personal trainer in Leeds, or if you are in need of injury rehabilitation, we can't recommend Andy and his team enough for you.

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