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We've made is easier to search and assess suitable investment opportunities for anyone looking for property investment and buy-to-let opportunities in Yorkshire.

Use our online calculator to quickly understand your return on investment and rental yield for every property we are selling. Simply filter by area and how much you'd like to invest and browse the listed properties returned for your search criteria.

Whether you’re a first-time buy-to-let investor or an experienced landlord, we’ll work alongside you to provide advice, guidance and support. View our lettings servicesLooking for some advice or if you'd like to discuss your investment interests further please give our local lettings team a call, we'd love to help.

Calculate buy-to-let return on investment

Assess a property's suitability for a buy-to-let investment with our calculator and tailor it to account for your own circumstances.

Our Top Buy to Let Opportunities

Searching for properties up to £
Using your investment as a 25% deposit and £ in costs for purchasing and getting ready to let.

Buy-to-Let Guides

PB Landlords guide to letting a property2

Why buy to let?

There are many financial advantages of buying properties to let. - find out more here.

PB How to finance your buy to let

How to finance your buy-to-let investment

Financing a buy-to-let property means calculating the likely rental income and comparing it with the mortgage repayments and any fees or taxes you will be subject to.

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Managed or self-managed property rental

For anyone considering how to manage their rental property, the biggest decision to make will be whether to manage it yourself or use an estate agent to deal with the issue.

landlord buy to let

Step-by-step guide to using our buy-to-let tracker

Here we'll take a look at a step-by-step guide on using the buy-to-let tracker to discover the best possible investment opportunities in your region.